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Our mission is to empower our clients by teaching them tools to bridge the gap between mind and body.  Combining the ancient wisdom of yoga and energy work with the modern science of neuroscience and psychotherapy, we’ve found great success in our work with clients.  We think this powerful combination of services could help many people and so we strive to bring the worlds of yoga and mental health closer.  We keep a close eye on emerging research and often enroll in trainings to stay sharp and up-to-date.

Our trainings are crafted for healthcare professional interested in marrying the medical model with practices that have been around for 1000s of years (and for good reason!).  CEUs available differ for each offering.  We currently offer CEUs for social workers, LPCs, and MFTs in PA, social workers in NJ, yoga teachers, and yoga therapists.  We offer these trainings in the form of short workshops, day long seminars, and local and getaway weekend retreats.


Upcoming Trainings, Workshops, and Retreats

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Yoga for Mental & Emotional Wellness

This weekend training will utilize the yogic lens of the Koshas as a holistic diagnostic, treatment, and self-care model.  Click here to learn more and register.

The koshas are 5 layers of being and can be conceptualized as nesting dolls. The layers, or sheaths of the body, are the Physical Kosha, Breath/Energetic Kosha, Mind/Emotions Kosha, Wisdom & Intellect Kosha, and Bliss, Spirit, & Higher Self Kosha. Each layer lies within the next and what happens within one layer impacts all 5. This is true for stress, but also for healing. This model can be used to supplement traditional therapy and to prevent burn-out in providers.  

Yoga Alliance CEUs for Yoga Teachers & IAYT CEUs available for Yoga Therapists.  18 CEUs for Social Workers, MFTs, and LPCs in PA and Social Workers in NJ, $15 Additional Cost for CEUs- payable by cash or check on the day of the event.  

Wisdom & Wonder: An Exploration of Power & Grace

This empowering women’s yoga retreat connects you to your inherent wisdom and wonder through yoga, meditation, writing, art, community and time in nature.  Click here to learn more and take advantage of our Early Bird special.  Click here to read our testimonials.

The theme of this year’s Body Compassion Project is Wisdom & Wonder. Inspired by participants of the 2018 retreat, these words capture the essence of empowerment, admiration, curiosity, amazement, and intuition. These values connect us to our personal power and enlighten us to ways of living with more grace. This year’s retreat will explore how to embrace wisdom and wonder in your relationship with your body.

In a world that thrives on unrealistic beauty ideals and external validation, we can lose our connection with our personal power and feel discontent with our bodies. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to teach simple yet powerful ways to: practice compassion and connection with your body; experience more peace and grace in the unscripted chaos of life; develop mindfulness skills; and cultivate more appreciation for your unique values and qualities.

11 CEUs are pending.