Intuitive Watercolor & Yoga for Creativity Workshop

October 20, 2019

12:00p - 5:00pm

The Brightening Center 967 E Swedesford Road Exton, PA 19341



Artistic expression can be deeply freeing and fulfilling, but accessing creativity isn’t always easy. Sometimes we struggle with control, perfectionism, and a harsh inner critic. But creativity doesn’t come from those places. Creativity is born from intuition and resides within the deep stillness and presence of the body, mind, and soul.

This is why yoga paired with creation is so lovely. When we practice mindful awareness in yoga poses, breath work, meditation, and intention-setting, we also practice being aware and letting go of our repetitive, negative thought patterns (comparison, judgment, fear, planning). Once we let go of what’s holding us back, we can tap into the deep places of our consciousness, energy begins to flow, and creativity can emerge.

This workshop has been designed to help us practice the art of surrendering control and trusting our Selves in both a movement and painting process. The more we practice this as we create, the more available it becomes to us in all areas of life. Led by Yoga Therapist Kanjana Hartshorne and professional watercolor artist Stephanie Ryan, this intuitive art circle includes gentle yoga, meditation, crystals, singing bowls, essential oils, Reiki, and intention setting to aid you in connecting to your intuition and allowing your creative energy to flow on the mat and the paper.

The movement process will begin by helping you to know and release your inner critic, set a guiding intention for our day together, and prepare your body for the meditation of creation. With 2 Reiki Masters and crystals in the room, you’ll receive healing energy to help bring your system into balance and prepare you for creating intuitive pieces of art.

The painting process will begin by painting the form of a flower and then let it go and see what beautiful things happen. The beauty of this technique is in the absence of control. We will surrender to the flow of water and paint on paper and create intuitively. Techniques for painting washy, abstract florals will be covered. We will also talk about creating a spiritual creative toolbox that can help you work through blocks and open you up for inspiration to flow in.

Come with an open heart and mind. We will leave our self-judgment and inner critic at the door and enjoy a fun day of exploration together.

*All supplies are provided.

*Essential oils will be used during this workshop. Please consider this if you have sensitivities.

*Light refreshments will be available and you are welcome to bring anything you need to be comfortable.

Space is limited is 6 spots and we expect to sell out again!

October 20th 12-4pm

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing. Total beginners to yoga and/or watercolors are most welcomed, as are all body types, ages, and genders! The focus of this afternoon will be on relaxation, stress reduction, and tapping into our intuition and creativity.

Contact Information: Kanjana Hartshorne, 610-790-3442,
Stephanie Ryan, +1 (610) 476-8349,


Or you can contact Kanjana to pay by Venmo


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