Kanjana is welcoming, informative, and a great listener. She supported me in developing a customized yoga practice, over Skype, to combat sciatic nerve pain and work-related anxiety. What was especially helpful, was the scientific approach she brought to our session. I learned not only what to do, but why it was beneficial. Additionally, if I found a yoga move was difficult, she suggested alternatives in a way that was uplifting. With regular practice of yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises, I greatly reduced my nerve pain and anxiety. I’m SO thankful and I highly recommend Kanjana to anyone interested in better managing anxiety and stress in their lives!

-Alisha B.


I cannot say enough about how Kanjana has helped me to grow as a person, through some very difficult times. I have gone from a place of high anxiety and just surviving each hour, to understanding how myself and other people work, how to cope with stress and see things logically, and feeling at peace with myself. Her approach is one of kindness, science, empathy, and understanding. I’ve never once felt uncomfortable, but yet have felt these huge shifts in the way I view things. I see Kanjana as a life changer, and truly believe in what she does. She is also a yoga instructor, which adds so much expertise in the relationship between the mind and body, and her techniques are practical and applicable to so many different circumstances. I adore Kanjana and am grateful beyond belief at the influence she has had on my life, my confidence, and my understanding of human connection.

-Jessica B.


Kanjana is a supportive and caring listener that makes you feel like she has known you your entire life. Along with her knowledge of yoga she also gives her nurturing and caring ear to the reasons why I feel the way I do in the first place. I highly recommend that if you’re looking for a sincere and caring yoga Therapist SHE is your girl!

-DeeAnn O.


Kanjana is a wonderfully special practitioner who has helped me immensely since I began working with her. It is not only that she creates a truly safe space for you to delve into your heart and mind, she also gives practical ways to make your life more accessible. She gives you tools to carry into normal life situations so that you can be empowered to live as you choose. If you’re ready to step into the person you hope most to be, then you should make an appointment.

-Alyssa D.


Kanjana is a skilled therapist and yoga teacher offering private sessions, yoga classes and workshops. She creates a safe space to explore, play and discover, often including art, dance and music. Her ability to meet all her students exactly where they are on their path is truly inspirational. Her style of teaching is all inclusive and is accessible to all shapes, sizes, and skill level. Kanjana’s welcoming smile, warm demeanor, and positive energy is infectious. If you are looking for professional counseling, inspirational yoga classes and workshops, I highly recommend Kanjana.

– Erica W.