Emily Nussdorfer

Licensed Professional Counselor, EMDR and IFS provider, ADTA Board Certified Dance-Movement Therapist, F-TREM Group Facilitator,  Holistic Movement Practitioner, SKY Mindfulness teacher

Emily Nussdorfer, MA-BC-DMT, LPC

Emily is committed to creating a warm and safe space for you to unpack your burdens, and experience genuine and lasting relief. She uses a compassionate and strengths based approach, and draws from a variety of holistic therapeutic modalities to tailor an individualized plan that is focused on what is important to you for healing and wellness.

Emily is passionate about helping women heal from disturbing life experiences, including sexual abuse, addiction, and traumatic stress.

In her work with sexual abuse survivors and/or those recovering from addiction, she has found that integrating EMDR therapy with IFS (Internal Family Systems), attachment work, and structural dissociation education offers tremendous relief for trauma symptoms and helps survivors rebuild inner strength, self-compassion, and a renewed faith in self, others, and life.

Other specialized areas include grief and complex grief, anxiety, depression, anger management, effects of family alcohol/drug abuse, codependency, life transitions, chronic pain, body image, and self-esteem. She is dedicated to supporting you in developing lasting tools to cope, grow, and thrive.

As a Dance Movement Therapist and holistic movement practitioner, Emily draws on ancient healing techniques such as mudra and breath work combined with chakra movement to deepen the mind body spirit connection. She offers experiences in forest bathing, mindful walking, authentic movement, and expressive movement, art, music and poetry to help you feel the benefits of the creative and spiritual dimensions of healing in an embodied way. She is honored to support you on your path to inner transformation, personal growth, and self-actualization.

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