Yoga Therapy in Lansdowne, PA

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy Programs Can Help Address trauma, anxiety & more

Comprehensive Yoga Therapy (CYT) is an individualized lifestyle approach to health and healing for the mind, body, and spirit. This modality incorporates somatic or body-oriented therapy with yoga philosophy and practice which can include mindfulness, meditation, breath work, energy work, individualized yoga sequences, relaxation, nutrition, healthy goal setting, and creative expression through the arts or movement.  Trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental health concerns can show up in our bodies in things like racing heart, shortness of breath, disconnection from body, and more.

Yoga Therapy + Talk Therapy

Yoga therapy is an excellent evidence-based addition or supplement to talk therapy as it gives clients personalized tools for managing physical stress symptoms, regulating overwhelming emotions, and developing a deeper relationship with their bodies, mind, emotions, beliefs, and the world around them.

Our Yoga Therapists in the Philadelphia area are C-IAYT Certified

One of the safest ways to utilize CYT as a healing modality is to pair it with traditional talk therapy. Our yoga therapists are C-IAYT yoga therapists, meaning they are certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapists and have a specializiation in yoga for mental health, including anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem, body image, and more.  We know that trauma and anxiety can live in the body. Yoga therapy can also be a powerful tool for clients to access challenging feelings and memories that they may not otherwise be able to verbalize.  And our yoga therapists collaborate closely with our psychotherapists, or are therapists themselves, so they can safely and effectively help our clients to make sense of the thoughts, feelings, and memories that show up during yoga therapy practices and process these experiences for healing and growth.  

Components of Our Yoga Therapy Program

Available in Lansdowne, Pa and via Online Therapy

Breathwork and Energy

Breath is the vehicle for prana (life force energy, chi, ki). Breath is something you can use any time, any place to manage stress or anxiety, increase energy and focus, regulate emotions, and so much more.

Heart-Centered Healing

Learn to live from your heart rather than your head or inner critic. Heart-centered healing and living is all about authenticity, compassion for self and others, inner strength, and letting your values be your compass.

Adaptable and Inclusive

Our yoga therapy offerings are for ALL bodies. It's not about trying to touch your toes and so much more than poses. We'll help you to find the practices that feel right in your body and nervous system.

How can therapeutic yoga help?

Grounding your body


Reducing physical symptoms of anxiety, trauma, stress, and depression such as racing heart beat, palpitations,  insomnia, shortness of breath, energy levels, and feeling disconnected from your body and your self.

Finding mental & emotional peace


Going from racing thoughts, a harsh inner critic, and feeling emotional overwhelm to feeling more at ease in daily life, having a more neutral or positive outlook, and feeling confident to meet life’s challenges head on.

Connecting to something greater


Finding peace and meaning by connecting to something larger than yourself- whether that’s love, human connection, community, spirituality, your faith, the universe, nature, your ancestors, or anything else that speaks to your beliefs and values.

Is therapeutic yoga like exercise?

Yoga therapy can include movement or yoga asana, but that is only one of the eight limbs of yoga. When movement is appropriate it is more about connecting to your body and self in a physical way than it is about exercising. Depending on your needs and goals you may do things that raise your heartrate, have a much more restorative and rest focused practice, or find some combination for mental and physical balance.

Do I have to be flexible for yoga therapy?

Not at all! There's no need to touch your toes and absolutely no experience or level of flexibility is required.

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We offer individual yoga therapy in Lansdowne and serve the surrounding areas such as Springfield, Havertown, Wynnewood, and Ardmore. Online yoga therapy is also available in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania. Group yoga therapy is offered at our Malvern Exton office.