Healing Through TikTok: Discovering the Best Mental Health Content
October 20, 2023
by Marlyn Mooney, LSW

Quick disclaimer:

As a psychotherapist, who is also a human being, I thoroughly enjoy my candle-lit scrolling on TikTok. As we all know, on TikTok (or any platform) we have to be aware of not just misinformation but the oversimplification that can come from the nature of what makes TikTok so successful: simplicity and conciseness. As we also know, human behavior and psychology are quite the opposite.: it is nuanced and cannot always be accurately conveyed in 60 seconds or less.
Due to the oversimplification and brevity of TikTok, this may lead to the result of the viewer not necessarily getting to the “what do I do next” part and may even contribute to a shame cycle if individuals forget (as we all do) that one size does not, and cannot, fit all in this field. Our DNA is individualized, therefore our brain’s chemical makeup and how we are shaped follow that. In addition, our “algorithms” are specialized to what we watch leading us to potentially see videos that line up with our confirmation bias. Here are a few helpful gentle reminders to remember
when scrolling on psychology TikTok:

Tips to navigate psychology TikTok:

  • Always check your sources and credentials of the TikTok creators (or reposters). Also, please fact-check. Never thought we’d have to say that but alas.
  • Seek diverse exposure on TikTok as psychology is individualized and human experiences depend on one’s genetic makeup, upbringing, social locations, and intersectional identities.
  • In other words, What you see may not be what works for you, and that does not mean anything is wrong with you 🙂 at all! Give gentle reminders to yourself when scrolling. Healing is incredibly individualized.
  • I always recommend bringing TikTok (or alternative media) into therapy. I love when my clients (shoutout to those of you- you know who you are) do this because it allows us to explore a door that may not have been opened solely through our talk therapy and may safely allow a client to bring something up they haven’t yet learned how to verbalize.

Growing Through TikTok: Mental Health Videos That Make a Difference

Here are some TikToks I’d want my clients to see as a therapist:

BE TRIGGERING. Please gently watch and take care of yourself when you need to. ***

Trauma amalgamation: I think these speak so beautifully to the pain we feel when our feelings are so big and so heavy and we never learned how to regulate them as a child: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8FcctFW/
8 tiny messages when you may need some motivation to keep pushing when you’re in the middle of trauma work:

Trust your tiredness without needing to explain or excuse it:

One example of how to feel feelings (there is not one right way to do this!!!)
I’d like to send this to my clients at the end of each week:
My superego goals:
Identifying as an empath – a correlation (not claiming causation!!) from narcissistic parents
Buying something unnecessary keeps u from killing urself who cares
When a protector part is telling us “we don’t care”

Burnout and healing:
Thoughts are like parrots: they repeat what they hear growing up.
CPTSD survival and TW**:
Expecting to regulate an emotionally immature parent: how behavior is not just how we’re treated but what is MODELED. Not only do we have to learn emotional regulation (how to
sit with big feelings when you have them, conflict resolution etc) but we also have to unlearn what was modeled:
The science behind how corrective emotional experiences actually impact the brain to prevent slipping into old unlearned behaviors:
Being too needy isn’t a thing:
Our world is created through our childhood experiences:
Finding a secure attachment “boring”
“My feelings make requests not declarations”:
When your unmasked version doesn’t align with your parent’s beliefs:
Parental comparison to the younger generation’s pain and trauma:

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