Rosemary Crisfulla

Rosemary Crisfulla

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, EMDR Provider, Maternal Mental Health Provider, Nutrition for Mental Health Certification

Rosemary seeks to cultivate a collaborative therapeutic relationship while fostering a warm, compassionate, and safe-space for exploration and processing. Her style is integrative and she works in collaboration with her clients to leverage and cultivate their existing strengths in order to meet their unique individual needs. She is a relational therapist and draws from strength-based, attachment, mindfulness, and psychodynamic principles and has an insight oriented and trauma informed approach.

Rosemary has extensive experience working around issues related to anxiety, chronic illness, adjustment and transition, individuation, grief, trauma, medical trauma, risky substance use and substance abuse, mood disorders, interpersonal concerns, disordered eating, issues around parenting, and women’s issues (pregnancy, fertility, post partum, PCOS, endometriosis, etc). Rosemary holds additional certifications and training in Nutrition for Mental Health, EMDR, and in working with LGBTQIA+ community members, underserved populations, and college students.

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