Reality Therapy Techniques to Take Back Your Power, Improve Your Relationships, and Meet Your Goals
March 30, 2023
by Stephanie Snyder, LCSW

Reality therapy involves different techniques to change your current behavior.  I’ve been offering reality therapy for over 15+ years through virtual therapy in Pennsylvania and Florida.  Four techniques that many of my clients find helpful are self-evaluation, action planning, reframing, and behavioral rehearsal.  Looking more deeply at these techniques can give you a small window into what it’s like to work with me.


I will use self-evaluation techniques to help you recognize your present actions. This serves as a foundation for planning new actions. So, I might ask you questions like:

  • “What do you really want?”
  • “What are you doing to get what you want?”
  • “Is it working?” or “How willing are you to make the change?” 

Typically, I will repeatedly use this technique throughout your sessions.

Goal Oriented Action planning

After self-evaluation, I will guide you through action planning. The goal is to plan new actions that may better serve your individual needs. Generally, these actions are:

  • Simple
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Focused on results (not avoidance)
  • Immediate or time-limited


In reframing, a therapist expresses a concept in a positive or less negative way. This can help shift your mindset from problem-focused to solution-focused. For example, you might say that you cannot stand being disrespected by others. Then I may re-label the problem and say, “Feeling respected by other people is important for you.” This helps you find solutions to your noted concerns. There is always more than one way to view things! 

Behavioral Rehearsal

Behavioral rehearsal involves practicing appropriate social behaviors. For example, I might have you imagine or talk about certain situations and/or behaviors. If interested, you might act out or role play the situation with me. When the situation happens, you will feel better prepared to respond with the appropriate behavior(s) that you choose. All behavior as a choice. It is based on taking responsibility for these choices and choosing more effective actions and responses – this is where your power lies.

If any of these 4 techniques sound helpful to you, you may want to consider exploring Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.  I have 15+ years of experience with CT/RT and have completed a 2 year certification to be able to offer this modality to my clients.  I’d love to explore how these and more CT/RT tools can be beneficial to your therapeutic goals. I offer individual therapy sessions in PA and FL virtually over telehealth. Looking forward to working with you!

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Stephanie Snyder, LCSW

Stephanie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has over 15 years of experience providing various human services including therapy and professional training and education. She received her master’s degree in Social Work from Temple University in 2007 and completed a two-year certification in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy. Stephanie has a lot of experience utilizing a trauma informed cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach, while incorporating mindfulness practices and strives to use all of her training and professional expertise to help meet your individual needs.